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Built on
the principle

A New Era Agency for the Entrepreneurial Athlete



F4L is a new-era sports and entertainment agency offering exclusive and premium services never before offered in the industry designed to create generational wealth for its clients.

As an agency, we focus on maximizing athletes and entertainers opportunities through a holistic approach, far beyond mere player contract negotiation and marketing.

Life and opportunity are precious. Hurdles are nearly certain. Whether those be health, financial, emotional or relational, when you're a part of the F4L family, you will have a strong foundation and a wealth of resources to guide you through them.

Our executive team

Scotty Branch

Scotty Branch is an entrepreneur and founder of multiple organizations in the healthcare, distribution, and cannabis industries. His passion for helping others succeed as well as a bond through sports with his son led him to founding F4L.

marketing and branding affiliate

F4L has partnered with The Dime Agency, a global talent & brand management firm that represents talent that influence culture, built by a freshman class of some of the most competitive and innovative entertainment executives.

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Sports Analytics
Business Development & Marketing
Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL)
Contract Negotiations
Legal Consultation
Social Media & Brand Strategy
Wealth Management Planning
Community & Public Relations
Health Wellness & Sports Medicine 
Client & Family Services

“I’ve come across and worked with a ton of agencies in my years.  The vision and what F4L is building is unlike any other.  It’s exactly what we need for these athletes!”

Darrell Streeter, Footballville 

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